Unreal 4.0 Senior Engine Programmer – VR Game Company – Long Island, NY

Labrodex Studios, a well-funded virtual reality game developer is searching for a hands-on Senior Engine Programmer for Unreal 4.0. We are located on Long Island in NY. In this position, you’ll be the lead Unreal coder as well as managing the internal team. You’ll be in charge of setting up our tech pipeline, implementing game developer best practices, naming conventions, file management and tree structures. You’ll be managing our in-house projects along with corporate work for clients. We are looking for a full-time person onsite preferably.

We will help with relocation expenses. No Sponsorship.

We are looking for someone who has 10+ years of experience as a lead developer in the game industry. You should have extensive Unreal, C++, Blueprints, Visual Studio among other coding skills. Your background should include Triple A experience with released titles. If you have a passion for 3D gaming, virtual reality and meet the below criteria, we would like to speak with you.

Please email your resume to resumes@labrodex.com in pdf format with salary requirements.


• Must be a highly-organized leader who takes charge, is a fast learner and resolves problems quickly.
• Must have 10+ years programming experience in the gaming industry with triple A titles.
• Must have 3+ years Unreal development experience.
• Must have excellent coding skills in C++, Python, Java, HTML 5, floating point calcs.
• Extensive experience coding AIs, UIs, game balance, questing, inventory and multi-player.
• Extensive experience working with shaders, physics engines, lighting, rendering, frame rate optimization.
• Must be a fast and efficient coder with excellent documenting and code optimization skills.
• 10+ years object oriented programming, 3D math & complex gaming algorithm coding required.
• Background with Perforce, source control management, project management skills a must.
• Thorough understanding and use of Direct X 11 /12.
• 2+ years VR game development experience with Unreal, Oculus, PSVR or VIVE required.
• 5+ years game development with Xbox, PS, PC, Mobile and handheld devices.

Please email your resume to resumes@labrodex.com in pdf format with salary requirements.

This is an exciting opportunity for someone who is looking for a ground-floor opportunity at a new VR/3D entertainment software firm. If you are looking for entry into this space, please send us your resume!

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